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V0.11 changelog:

= Current animations should be fixed now (turns out the shaking effect was giving the null error)

- Added a new Jupiter mission, but right now it's in WIP status and the chapter isn't complete just yet. However you can fight two new enemies right now to gain more EXP.

- Xavian gang sub-boss battle in Mars leisure centre has been made a bit easier now. Enemies have slightly lower attack and defense. An additional armour has been added to the chest with increased attack and defense so that the boss battle becomes much easier and a bit faster so that you can continue with the Mars mission and fight Envy Topaz. (Also Alex is intended to be the secondary protagonist of the game, which is why he is made playable in this section of the Mars mission. He will return to help in battle later in the story.)

Welcome to Operation: Domination, a WIP adult game that focuses mainly on femdom, but also gyaku ryona as well (yet this is optional if you're not interested in this content). 

The game is set in 2069. You play as Shun Watanabe, who is a young man that joins the G.F.A (Galactic Federation of Andromeda) after leaving his parents on Earth to search for a higher purpose in life. As the game progresses, he will be faced by multiple adversaries that want to completely break and destroy his willpower, and make him their slave/puppet/lover/etc.

There will be multiple endings that show Shun's fate if you submit to a boss in the story, and one true ending if you make sure he doesn't submit to anyone at all. More will be added as time goes on.

Also check out my Patreon: www.patreon.com/torquis

All donations towards the game will help it become better in terms of the 18+ animations looking better, artwork, and maybe later on I'll add voice acting if I get enough support. Thank you so much for downloading the first demo over 300+ times on this website even though it had a few bugs. It really means a lot!


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many bugs at the time of animation  it shows error

I am aware of the bugs with animated loops. I will fix them soon.

their are more bugs   in fight scene  i used all weapons but the other character is not defeated   all time I was the one who lose     its intentionally or bug   please explain.

Which fight was this? Could you be more specific?

first fight with mars gang 

Thank you for the feedback. I'll have a look at the problem.